BEHRENS’ ultimate new watch for 2023 with an all-new caliber : BM02 in-house manual wind movement we have completely designed and developed in-house from scratch. This model series not only makes bold innovations in the case and movement, but also breaks through the weight shackles of traditional mechanical watches.

The Concepts / Inspirations
While continuing the modernist design concept, Behrens once again skillfully integrated traditional Chinese cultural elements. The design inspiration of the watch came from an ancient Chinese historical tool called β€œHu”, β€œHu” was a flat scepter originating from China, they were originally used as narrow tablets for recording notes and orders. Especially during β€œTang dynasty” era, β€œHu” were required to be worn on the belt for officials. β€œHu” was basically a tool used by ancient Chinese ministers when they went to the temple. This is a tool used by ancient Chinese ministers of culture and martial arts to record the orders or will of the king and can also be used to record the words to be played to the king on a wat board to prevent forgetting. They were also historically used by officials throughout East Asia, including Japan, Korea, and Ryukyu.
By means of such, this BEHRENS new model series was design based on the shape and style of β€œHu”, in a style of curve and thin theme. The watch combines the case and the movement into one, making the movement and the case integrated and perfectly transmitted on a non-flat structure. While the case has been curved, we also designed and made the movement curved in order to reduce the overall thickness as well as to match the theme of the watch.
Thanks to the extreme watchmaking ability that BEHRENS has accumulated over the years of development, we have designed and constructed this curved movement with each connecting gear having a slight angle difference of 15 deg. At the same time, this curved design of the case provides a more ergonomic and makes it more comfortable to be worn on wrist.

Apart from the ergonomic factors applied towards the design for comfort wearing. In addition, BEHRENS also made major breakthroughs in watchmaking materials. Apart from the regular version in titanium, we have also exclusively developed an all-new carbon based β€œSPSCF” material for the limited-edition version for this model series. This new β€œSPSCF” material has special characteristics of light weight and hardness allowing this limited-edition to achieve lightness and toughness elements.

Models’ variations / weights
While the basic version of this model series in titanium constructed with a grade 5 titanium case (curved), sapphire crystal (curved), titanium movement main-plate, and bridges which weighs only 20 grams (without strap). Follow by a limited-edition version to be constructed based on a new in-house developed β€œSPSCF” carbon material case that weighs only 11 grams, and this carbon version will be the lightest mechanical watch in the world.

This all-new model series will feature bi-retrograde hours / minutes on bottom left and right hand corner with a special mechanism designed and developed in-house, special coating on gears for durability. Power reserve indicator on top left-hand corner with 38-hours power reserve. Underneath the sapphire crystal, the whole movement structure can be clearly seen with the beauty of the curved mechanism.

Specifications (Titanium version):~
Code : BHR030
Collection : Inventor
Model : 20G
Movement : Cal. BM02, manual wind, 28,800 beat rate (4Hz), 38 hours power reserve, bi- retrograde (hours / minutes).
Case : Grade 5 Titanium, Trapezoidal shape, size 42mm x 38mm, thickness 5.8mm, solid back cover.
Weighs : 20 grams head unit without strap
Water Resistance : 30M (3ATM)
Strap : Rubber (fluoroelastomer) with pin buckle.
Warranty : 3+2 years Worldwide Warranty


Final production version will have a red tip with luminous on the retrograde hands.

A new balance wheel design will be used with weight adjustment system.

Pre-ordering now available, delivery will be expect to be 1st quarter of 2024. Please contact our sales : in advance for further arrangement.

Additional information
Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 25 cm
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