A new dimension of time telling by BEHRENS ORIGINAL

BEHRENS ORIGINAL is an independent watch brand formed by a group of watch-lovers from Hong Kong, Mainland and Germany, from which our focus is to turn our design concepts and philosophy into real products via our own manufacturing and production facilities. With our own engineering team and high-tech machinery, we are capable to produce all the parts that we designed and developed based on the modifications that we worked on each mechanical movement. From which our traits is to construct mechanical modules that offer additional complications to the existing movement in order to build our unique timepieces.

Found in 2012, the name “BEHRENS” was from a famous German architect and designer, ‘Peter BEHRENS’ (1868-1940). From which we inspired our watches design based on his design philosophy.

All our watches are designed and developed in-house by our young team to bring all new ideas of wristwatches to the market.


At BEHRENS ORIGINAL, we focus on design, develop and modify mechanical watch movements in order to offer wristwatch products with our own design philosophy. Meaning that each of our wristwatches produced is not just a time telling machine but as well a mechanical art-piece.



Our very 1st model B001 comes with a large moonphase diaplay at 6:00 position which has been modified based on the date display function. From which the moon has been filled with luminous material that allows it to glow in the dark.


While our brand focus on modifying movement and constructing mechanical modules for adding interesting functions to our watches, we also very much concern about the accuracy and the reliability of our watches. Throughout the R&D process, we have tested lots of different movements available in the market and finally we have adopted Miyota and ETA movements for our watches.


One of our specialties is to design and develop our own functional mechanical module in-house. From which we have been making use of sapphire crystal materials to produce mechanical parts for gearing, etc. and we focus on developing satellite time display functions.


To ensure our watches to meet the highest standard, we have been chosen highest possible quality alligator strap to give the most comfortable, luxury and pleasant wearing experience.


All our watch cases are made from high grade stainless steel 316L material. To ensure that every part of our watch meet the highest standard, each of our watch's case has gone through a multi-polish process to produce the finest surface lines and best polish surface. All the edges and angles, the lugs, bezel tell how well the case are made.


For luxury watches, the use of sapphire crystal material is almost a must. One of the specialties of our production capability is to produce various shape sapphire crystal in-house.


Modern watchmaking require a lot of micro-parts manufacturing which require modern technology such as CNC machine. The traits of our production has been making use of these machinery to produce all the small parts in-house which allow use to shorten the production time plus to ensure the quality.


While each of our watch has been gone through a series of quality control test before coming from the production. To ensure that customer will be confident with our after sales, we do provide our watches a 3-years warranty service period from the date of your purchase. (terms and condition apply)


We are happy to assist if you have any questions. Please drop us a note below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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