Who We Are?

H Innovations Company Limited” (found in 2016) is horological trading company based in Hong Kong specializing in dealing with independent watch brands. Currently, we are the international distributor for BEHRENS watches.


The story of BEHRENS started back in 2012 when the brand was 1st registered by β€œMr. Lin Bingqiang” as an independent watch brand. During the past years, the brand focused on unique design and develop mechanical modules. That is to produce wristwatches that do not just tell time but also unique mechanical art-pieces. The brand’s major trait is the capability of developing and producing in-house watches.

Early Development of BEHRENS

In 2018, we started launching our satellite time display collections (Astronomer & Space Traveler), then continued with modules’ development, and launched 2 new collections, coded β€˜Apolar’ and β€˜Rotary’ back in 2020. One of the milestones was these 2 concept watches managed to become annual GPHG 2020 nominees.


In 2021, we have for the 1st time in the watch market, launched a special limited-edition timepiece, β€˜Mars Project One’ to tribute the human’s exploration journey to Mars. This timepiece features for the 1st time a double twin rollers time display function to display the time on Earth and Mars. This collection has brought us to the next level of watchmaking, allowing the brand to be more known in the international watch market.


In 2022, we have continued with upgrading our skills and designs by the launching of a few new models which includes the PERIGEE, an all-new collection featuring our 1st in-house manual wind movement, a power source to the unique time display via a rubies chain system and an accurate Moon Track system (2nd generation).


In 2023, we have once again had a breakthrough with our design and development. The launch of our new collection, β€œUltraLight Weight” which is a completely newly designed wristwatch featuring their latest in-house movement, Cal.BM02, a manual wind wristwatch with a weight of less than 20 grams.


In 2024, once again we have a breakthrough with our skills of developing rollers’ time display by launching an all new collection, ORION ONE which is an automatic wristwatch featuring with our 2nd generation rollers’ time display module.

With current positioning and development, at BEHRENS, more has yet to come. Stay tuned for future developments.

Shipping Policies (H Innovations - online shop)

In most cases, shipping will be made via courier system (e.g. FedEx), and depending of stock availability, usually the watch(es) will be shipped within 7-10 days (unless for certain limited editions which depends on production).

For shipping lead time, it will also depends on local customs’ clearance process lead time. For certain countries that require special import documents such as CITES for the special leather strap, a 7-10 working days is also required for the process of the documents.

Usual lead time for shipping.

  • Asia : 3-5 days
  • Middle East : 6-8 days
  • USA | Canada | Europe : 7-10 days

*** This is based on from local to destination port shipping time.

ORIGINAL Collection

BEHRENS, Original collections are base models that were designed and built with mechanical modules that are to display time with a touch of a unique style.

INVENTOR Collection

BEHRENS, Inventor collections are the higher-end models that we designed and built with using either Swiss movement or in-house movement. The concept is to create watches with unlimited designs and concepts.


BEHRENS focus on design, develop and modify mechanical watch movements and to bring our wristwatch products to the next level of horology based on our own design philosophy. Meaning that each of our wristwatches produced is not just a time telling machine but as well a mechanical art-piece.

BEHRENS past discontinued models (For viewing purpose only)









H Innovations Company Limited (BEHRENS)Our Standard

Watch Making

Our watchmakers are skilled, highly trained and each of the watches are produced under high quality production and individually checked by watchmakers for Q.C.


Assembling of the watches are all done in-house by our skilled watch making team to meet high factory standards (2+1 years international warranty).

Mechanical Module

BEHRENS is specialized for development of functional mechanical module (in-house). Our focus is to design and develop unique time display system.

Water Proofing

All our watches are waterproof to a standard of at least 5ATM (50M). Carefully checked by high standard testing equipment and machineries.

Case Polishing

Continue improvement has been made for our polishing process. Process through both hand and machines’ polish process to meet the highest possible standard.

Modern & Traditional

BEHRENS is a era of combining modern and traditional watch production where high-tech machineries (CNC) are use for production processes.

CNC Machining

The traits of our production has been making use of modern CNC machineries’ technology to produce micro-parts for watch movements and related modules.

3-Year Warranty

We do provide a 3-years warranty service period from the date of your purchase. (terms and condition apply)