BEHRENS past discontinued models (For viewing purpose only)

Over the years, BEHRENS has designed and developed various wristwatches models. From which our concepts are to for each collections produce rather limited quantities (usually few hundreds) for a limited of time, along with some limited editions made. The followings are those we have discontinued and they are now being the historical models and no longer available via our retail channels.


‘Rotary’ collection was 1st launched in 2020 to tribute to the legendary automotive race car 787B from which we took the concept of how the Rotary engine motion and turned it into time display via a twin Rotary mechanism. This model was also nominated for GPHG2020. Here are some sold out limited editions we have made in the past years.

From left to right, Purple limited edition (30pcs), Blue limited edition (30pcs), all Titanium with bracelet (100pcs), Black / Gold Zodiac ear of “OX” limited edition (30pcs).


BEHRENS MARS PROJECT ONE LIMITED EDITION collection was launched in 2021 as a novelty of the year. Limited edition to 200pcs,Β  Titanium case. The watch was the 1st wristwatch in the market featuring with 4 rollers time display function to tell the time of Earth and Mars. Independent day of the week display and twin globe to show the time zone of Mars and Earth.


‘BEHRENS x KONSTANTIN CHAYKIN’ collection was 1st launched in May 2022 in limited edition to 200pcs each of these 2 Titanium and Black Titanium editions. Being a collaboration collection, which we took the concept of Konstantin Chaykin most iconic Joker theme under a license’s agreement and we took the opportunity to make use of this theme and completely redesigned the watch and exclusively developed a wonder seconds’ display and used a domed crystal for the hours and minutes display.

Left : Titanium limited edition (200pcs) | Right : Black coated Titanium limited edition (200pcs)


BEHRENS Moonlight collection was our 2nd edition with Moonphase display converted by the date function. The large Moonphase was displayed by a rotating dial with aventurine material. Regulator type time display in hours, minutes and seconds. A small Day / Night indication at 6:00 position. Comes in few different variations.


‘Astronomer’ was one of the major collection that brought BEHRENS to the international watch market as an iconic timepiece. Inspired by the historical Star Wheels concept, we took it further by making use of sapphire crystal material to produce the 3 hours’ discs which rotate around the dial to display the time with the minutes track. Each of them (with either aventurine or lacquer dials, 4 different models variations) were limited to 200pcs each models. Then there was also a very limited (50pcs) Middle East version made for our retailer, TimeKeeper in Kuwait.

From left to right, Limited edition blue aventurine dial with black coated steel case (200pcs), Limited edition blue aventurine dial with steel case (200pcs), Limited edition with black lacquer dial (200pcs), Middle East Limited edition (50pcs).


‘StarShip I’ was one of the earlier model from the B011 collection. From which the concept was to create a non-traditional time display by using a skeletonized numbers’ ring to display the time in hours. Featuring also a large date display at 6:00 position.


‘Revolution Planet’ was our 1st attempt making use of the satellite time display mechanism by using an in-house designed and developed mechanism along with 2 sapphire discs to show the time in hours and minutes simulating the orbit of satellites.


‘Geneva” model was an extended limited model made from the ‘Star Trek’ collection. From which we took the concept of Geneva stripes pattern which normally used for making movement plates and turned it into a dial finishing. Though it was not a limited edition but we have produced approx. 100pcs in total and it became one of the most wanted BEHRENS in the market.


Based on our ‘NaviGraph’ GMT model launched in 2022, we have produced a limited edition (50pcs) model exclusively for our Middle East retailer, TimeKeeper and even before we started producing, these 50pcs got sold out and became also one of the most wanted model in the market. The watch features with Arabic numerous all round and special golden hands for the time display.


‘Navigator” collection was one of an earlier model made featuring with a large sized domed globe for displaying Day / Night indication of time. It came with 2 variations models, either in mat black or aventurine blue dial. Automatic winding movement offered apart from time display in hours, minutes and seconds. Power reserve indicator at 12:00 and date display at 1:30. They were limited to 100pcs each.