B022 ROTARY as of 08/2020 has been our latest project, this model is a tribute to the legendary Rotary Engine that has been exist in the motor industry since last century and has been industrialized by famous Japanese car manufacturer Mazda. From which Mazda has used Rotary engine for their 787B race car and won 24 Hours of Le Mans from 1990 to 1991.

BEHRENS took the concept of how the rotary operate in the engine and designed it to become a time telling machine. This is a major breakthrough for watch market as nobody has done this with such price tag before.

B020 APOLAR as of 08/2020 is also one of our major project for this year. This timepiece has been inspired by the orbit behavior between the Earth & Moon and we have designed and developed our own mechanical system to show how they rotate by a special mechanism that has never been done by any watch brand in the market.

Besides, the time telling mechanism is non-conventional and are being displayed by 2 off-center discs at the lower part of the dial. Whereas the globe (Earth) in dome shape represent as a 24-hour indicator.

B012B SPACE TRAVELER is one of our existing products. Though such system do exist in the watch market, yet we have taken it to the next level by developing our own system adopting sapphire crystal materials for displaying the time in HOURS & MINUTES. The base are applied with luminous plates so that they glow in the dark. Besides, the special designed metal frame also feature with luminous fillings all round to match with the design of space.

B013 ASTRONOMER is one of our early model launched in early 2020. It is based on the traditional Star-Wheel system but again we took it a step further by adopting sapphire crystal materials for fabricating the HOURS display discs as well as the hour discs turning gear which has never been done before.

The uniqueness of such is that the sapphire materials allow the layers of the module to be see-through so that the mechanism can be more clearly shown.

B005 STAR TREK model series is one of our very few traditional model. The watch basically is a Triple Calendar, meaning the watch apart from displaying the time in HOURS, MINUTES & SECONDS, it will also display DAY, DATE, MONTH, plus it has a POWER RESERVE Indicator at 12:00 position to tell how much energy remains.

The basic functions of this movement only comes with date and power reserve, we design and constructed the multi-functions module completely in-house by our engineering team.

B006 NAVIGATOR is one of our few tradition type mechanical wristwatch model. This piece was constructed based on a Miyota movement with power reserve and date function. From there, we have added a 24-hour indicator displayed by a large size globe in dome shape at 6:00 position.

The whole watch has been made with highest possible materials such as 316L stainless steel, sapphire crystal, etc.

B011A INTERSTELLAR VOYAGER, an automatic wristwatch with basic function of time telling with large size date display at 6:00 window. The main focus this time has been the dynamic 3D multi-layers dial design which tells time in a different way which was inspired by space travelling. – Powered by an automatic Miyota movement with approx. 42 hours power reserve. Dial hidden with super-luminova luminious. Case size is 42mm. Fitted with alligator strap.

B005G GENEVA is our face-lifted model of the traditional B005 model series. From which we have redesigned the whole calendar and time display module by replacing all the hands display with windows. So, the traits of this model is only SECONDS’ hand is remain on the dial, whereas the rest of the time & calendar display such HOURS, MINUTES, DATE, DAY, MONTH, POWER RESERVE are all being displayed by windows in digital format.

Furthermore, to match the theme, we have constructed the dial using what’s call ‘Geneva Stripe” pattern engraving to make the dial which is a technique normally used for making movement plating. This gives the watch a very special and non-traditional look.