B025 – MARS PROJECT ONE Titanium Case Dual Time Zone (Earth and MARS) Automatic Wristwatch. In year 2021, with various countries’ space department space projects reaching and exploring MARS, BEHRENS decided to tribute these human’s space projects by developing our own space project.

B025 – MARS Project ONE is an automatic wristwatch constructed base on a highly modified Swiss Cal.SW200 automatic wind movement (with in-house polish and engrave) as a power source, from which on top we have developed a unique mechanism (mechanical module) that allow the watch to accurately display an Earth & MARS dual time system completely developed in-house. (The Mars actual time is 24:37 per day and we have designed the time to run on a 24:00, meaning for MARS time display, it will be on a 24:00 basis but the time required to complete a day cycle is 24:37)

The uniqueness of this model is that time in ‘Hours’ & ‘Minutes’ are displayed by 4 synconized rollers system (for Earth & MARS Hours & Minutes) driven by the intergraded mechanical module. Also featuring with the week of Earth & MARS (left and right), Date (center), the 2 globes to display the time zone for Earth & MARS covered by domed crystal cased by a rectangular titanium case sized 42mm in width and measure 50mm lugs to lugs. (Please see the wrist shot photos, the watch might look big but on the wrist it isn’t.)

Besides, for the 1st time, we have also developed an all new patented metal (titanium) bracelet that can be length adjusted without the need of any tool.


MARS – Project ONE automatic wristwatch is featuring with a mechanical Earth / MARS Dual Time Zone intergraded module system completely developed in-house. Both time-zones are in 24-hours base and displayed by a 4-rollers system. From which MARS time per day is 24:37 equivalent to Earth time, from which we have mechanically adjusted the speed of the MARS time display to run in a 24-hour basis, meaning while the MARS time synconized with Earth time by the 4-rollers, the time to complete MARS 24:37 is being displayed by 24:00.

The 2 globes are representing Earth & MARS time zone which rotate daily. There will also be day of the week displays for both MARS & Earth and as well a date display in the center. On both sides of the titanium case, there are 2 display windows to see the globes with time reference printed on crystal. (*** For the Earth globe, please note the actual product will have the globe 180 degree turned upside-down to compensate and match with the rotation of the gear train direction. This is to match with the actual direction of the globe rotation.)

In the center, there is a Date display window (adjusted by the crown), and on both sides, there are also 2 Day of the week display, left for Earth and right for MARS. These Day of the week display are set by 2 push button system locating on both sides of the titanium case.

Special Features:

  • Globes Time Zone Display (Earth & MARS)
  • Spherical Sapphire Crystal
  • Dual Day Display
  • Date Display
  • Roller Type Digital HOURS & MINUTES Display (Mechanical)
  • Luminous Display
  • Cal.SW200 Automatic Wind (Swiss Movement)
  • Patented self-adjustable metal bracelet.
Additional information
Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 25 × 20 cm


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